Trauma/PTSD by its nature means that talk therapy alone, sadly, will normally do little more than manage the symptoms that you may be experiencing. It will rarely heal the root cause of the issue. The trauma and pain will nearly always return.

You also may have found that trying to ‘think’ or ‘act’ your way out of it hasn’t worked either, leading to a reinforced belief that you may never be free of this affliction that effects so much of your life. 

Somatic Experiencing works with the nervous system itself. A nervous system that may be stuck in Fight/Flight/Freeze. 

A system that is based in the limbic and lower brain functions, areas that have no language skills at all. You simply can’t talk to it.

Somatic Experiencing involves tracking and working with these internal systems and sensations then releasing this stuck survival energy and ‘rewiring’ neural networks. 

It means that the body and mind can finally let go of experiences it may have been holding on to all its life. 

 It means you can be free.